White River Falls

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White River Falls : wield the softening magic of witch hazel blossom (hamamelis)

The magical powers of the witch hazel shrub (hamamelis) were no secret to early Native American tribes of North America nor 18th-century Europeans who have made use of extracts from this healing plant ever since. Well-known for centuries for its softening, tonifying and anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel is equally cherished for its sweet-smelling and colourful blossoms that signal the end of winter.

Wield your own touch of magic with White River Falls and its mystical witch hazel extracts for cleaner, softer skin, protective anti-aging properties, the aromatic stimulation of wholesome blood circulation and the satisfaction of a refreshed mind.

White River Falls is available for your enjoyment in these formats: White River Falls bath foam (400ml), White River Falls shower gel (250 ml), White River Falls body milk (250ml), White River Falls exfoliating soap-on-a-rope (200g), White River Falls scented candle (175g).

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