Roman Thermae

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Roman Thermae : a tribute to ancient roman bath culture 

The ancient Romans were known to make extensive use of sweet almond oil for the enhancement of both fine health and natural beauty. The graceful benefits of cleansing rose water have long been appreciated for gently soothing and even rejuvenating mature skin.

Reminisce about the baths of old with Roman Thermae, a tribute to the bath culture of the ancient Romans. Provide your skin with the all-encompassing benefits of an indulgent range of products comprised of sweet almond oil, rose water and herbs, all enriched with vitamin E.

Roman Thermae is available for your enjoyment in these formats: Roman Thermae body milk (250ml), Roman Thermae hand soap (150g), Roman Thermae exfoliating soap-on-a-rope (200g), Roman Thermae bath salts (500g) Roman Thermae scented candle (175g).

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